A vast and beautiful new science fantasy world with games and books set in it.
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A crossover of point-and-click adventure game and visual novel in a mystery genre that has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. Scheduled for Early Access release on 28 March 2019 for PC and Mac. Welcome to the Universe! Learn more or add it to your Steam wishlist

The Fall of Kyos (TFOK)

An ambitious role-playing shooter set in the open world on continent of Kyos. The game is still in concept stage, but if you’re interested in U7 you can already read report #2715-AN on events which TFOK begins with, and find out more about its main characters (those little guys you’ll often see here giving their comments).


Proxy trilogy

Book one, about crime and forgiveness that set things in motion. Start reading

The Niece of Time

Book two, about search and discovery that led to unexpected developments.

Artemis Nova

Book three, about the heir to all things.

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First games and books of U7 are set on Kyos, one of four continents of the planet Aya. Kyos underwent significant change in last several hundred years: civilizations collapsed, new races appeared, technology made a leap forward, and objective reality got shattered somewhere along the way.

The best way to see the world of Kyos is to head to its interactive map. It looks really great (we just had to say it), and you can use it to check out each of over 30 major locations. Alternatively, there’s a list with pictures for that.

or browse through locations.
Artwork card

Stormrider over Low Pass. Download wallpaper


Kyos is home to many very different creatures, from mysterious espers and heavily augmented synthets to Demons of colossal sizes and abandoned machines of long-forgotten era. Get acquainted with each of five playable and four enemy races of U7.

Not a word about penguins, and we should be their #1 selling point. Alright then, I’ll give you a short introduction: we come from Ilyon on our pilgrimage, we call Kyosians mainlanders and they call us pinz, meeting a penguin is considered to be good luck, but being one is even better. Yep.


We’re very proud of our class system, which is going to be fully implemented in The Fall of Kyos. It allows for virtually limitless number of builds by offering a vast pool of customizable skills that grow with you and options to dual- and multiclass after meeting certain criteria.

Hey, I’m DC! I dropped Green Herald once I got Painkillers for LST combo. Not sorry. Here’s a reference from core rulebook for y’all:

Painkillers [Herald level 4] / Active / Self

Replenish your primary source by 25% of total amount of damage you take during next 5 seconds.

Let’s Stick Together [Aspect level 7] / Passive / Enemy

Mitigate all damage to your EHP incoming from enemies within 5-league radius at the expense of 10% of your primary source per second for as long as at least half of it remains.


There was a creature in my usual setting; an interference in this dark and twisted duplicate of my reality, and I was drawn to it by its agonizing prayer for recognition. Thank Syl I failed to perceive it – one can only fathom the depth of hatred and loneliness it projected. This pitiful abomination was young and old at the same time, and its timeless existence in this forsaken land held no purpose whatsoever, but no means to end the torment were at its disposal. — Diaries of Elara, entries from The Void

Everything’s connected in the world of U7. All actions echo from one story to the next, and together shape the history of Aya.

Kyos, one of four continents of Aya, is the stage for first books and games. It’s a long read, but if you want to know about how Kyos got to what it is today, we suggest checking out its timeline. There, you will find information on all major events and important characters and places, which will help you get a good grip on the setting.

See also: Vocabulary


It’s a tough world out there. The more fine TFX steel between you and that Corrupted Lich, the better. A couple of 35mm Centry miniguns will help you carry your point across. And in case you aren’t convincing enough, flying away helps a lot. You’ll come back once you get that upgrade.

On Kyos, you can pilot mechs, ride a cybercycle or even fly an airship, all thanks to versatile Axis drives. It sounds boring in comparison (it’s not), but you can also ride trains, the safest way to travel between DCs.

Artwork card

Decommissioned Boulder in back alleys of Mira. Download wallpaper


Welcome to The Spire! I’ll be your host for tonight. Random fun fact: The Spire is the highest… Random fun facts disabled. Would you like to sit at the counter? Our specialty tonight… Menu disabled. One double Stargazer coming up. Just a moment… Tonight we have Jon Everist, Richard Mead, Bobby Bundle and others. Will someone be joining you? Chat disabled.


Download and share high resolution wallpapers and game art. Start right here with images from cover series and head over to downloads section for more eye candy.


It’s not a big deal (we profess shyness), but if you need to know who’s behind U7 or get in touch with us you can do so here.