Check out these hi-res renders of physical Kickstarter rewards. Click on images below to enlarge.
T-shirts (€55* and up)

*Quick note about delivery: from here on in, price of delivery is not included, but we tried to optimize it as best we could. We will ship worldwide, and depending on your reward tier and location, it will cost you anywhere between €5 and €20, but never more than that.

Cotton t-shirt with your favorite Minotaur character. You’ll be able to choose from 9 designs in 3 fabric colors (black, grey or white) and any standard size and model (XS to XXL, straight or fitted cut).

Card deck (€80 and up)

Physical copy of every card Nod and co. can find in-game. 32 tarot-size cards (70×120 mm or 2,75×4,75”) will be offset-printed on heavy cardstock and packed in a durable tuck box. All cards feature art by Adam Kuczek, Alexandre Chaudret, Charlotte Creber and other great artists, and describe aspects of U7, world of Minotaur.

Posters (€110 and up)

A2 poster on a heavyweight paper (42×59,4 cm or 16.5×23.4”) with a scene of your choice from Acronym trailer. You’ll also be able to pick matte or glossy finish. Posters will come rolled in a lightweight package, so you’ll need to frame them yourself if you want to. Every poster will be signed by someone from the team.

Art book (€150 and up)

A 30-page 18×25 cm (appr. 7×10”) hard-cover art book with details on game world, characters, story and more. Just like posters, every art book will be signed by someone from the team.