Stuck playing Minotaur? Here’s a spoiler-free walkthrough for latest available demo build (Nod’s route).
Chapter 1: Nod’s apartment
  • Try leaving the room by using Exit. This will prompt the activation of Nod’s first skill — Little helper. You can use it to ask Ollie for a hint whenever you’re stuck and she’s around. We suggest using this walkthrough only when she’s not of much use (don’t tell her we said that).
  • Pick up screwdriver from Workbench scene.
  • Rotate the frame and remove the screw using screwdriver in Frame scene.


  • You’ll see “Jes, 23” written on the back on the photo; by examining Calendar scene, you can see that Jes is sixth month in Minotaur lore.
  • The code is, therefore, 0623 (it could be 2603, too… but for some reason, it’s 0623).
  • You can enter this code on Alarm scene.
  • Leave the apartment and watch the cutscenes.

Chapter 2: Maya
  • Find your way to Maya’s car (use bars control button on the Balcony to open gates).
  • Pick up empty PAC (Portable Axis Container) from compartment.
  • Return to the Hallway. On your way back, grab a switch box key from Easel in Maya’s living room. You have to turn small easel lamp on to see the key.
  • There’s a Switch box in the Hallway behind boxes; use the key to open it. Congratulations! Nod got his second skill – Axis vision.
  • Using Axis vision, re-route power from lights to Axis generator. Axis current always flows from positive (+) to negative (-); turn on your Axis vision to see markings on nodes. Here’s one of several possible solutions for routing power to generator:

  • You can now use Axis generator nearby to charge your PAC. Do it, then return to Maya’s car and use charged PAC on the onboard battery socket. Time to start the car by pressing engine start button on steering wheel.

  • Too soon… It appears that the car is low on fuel. Return to Switch box and use your Axis vision again to re-route power to Axis pump on the Balcony. This time, there’s only one solution:

  • Return to the Balcony and start fueling the car with Axis pump. Bam! Go to the Hallway to see what happened.
  • Nothing to do here… Go back to Maya’s car and drive it by using Steering wheel.
  • Leave the car and talk to mysterious woman in the Next apartment.

Congratulations! You have completed Minotaur 0.2 demo. Thank you for playing, we hope you liked it! If you did, don’t forget that you can support Minotaur on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, or by spreading the word.

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