Stuck playing Minotaur? Here’s a spoiler-free walkthrough for free demo and Early Access. Keep in mind though, that this walkthrough only covers puzzles which you have to solve to advance and basic exploration, and leaves optional puzzles, discoveries and choices up to you.
Chapter 1: Nod’s apartment
  • Try leaving the room by using exit. This will prompt the activation of Nod’s first skill — Little helper (an unofficial name that Ollie would never approve of). You can use it to ask Ollie for a hint whenever you need help and she’s around; just click on her icon of press “D” key. We suggest using this walkthrough only when [speaking quietly] she’s not of much use.
  • Pick up screwdriver and card: Node (in top left corner) from Workbench scene. Cards are optional collectibles; you’re only required to pick up the first one. If you have trouble locating it, try leaving, and the invisible hand will intervene.
  • [In post-0.2 versions only:] After you return from workbench (or any other scene) to the room, Ollie will “unlock” Nod’s highlighting ability, which can be used to highlight all interactable objects and areas in current location (except cards). Hold “A” key to use it; you can complete the game without it perfectly fine, but it may come in handy if you get stuck, or want to make sure that you’ve explored everything.

  • Rotate the frame and remove the screw using screwdriver in Frame scene.

  • You’ll see “Jes, 23” written on the back on the photo; by examining Calendar scene, you can see that Jes is sixth month in U7 lore.
  • The code is, therefore, 0623 (it could be 2603, too… but for some reason, it’s 0623).
  • You can punch this code in on Alarm scene.
  • Leave the apartment and watch the cutscenes (by the way, if you liked the movie, you can download full HD wallpapers from it right here).

Chapter 2: Maya
  • Find your way to Maya’s Hovercar (use bars control button on her Balcony to open gates).
  • Pick up empty PAC (Portable Axis Container) from compartment.
  • Return to Corridor. On your way back, grab a switch box key from Easel in Maya’s apartment. You have to turn small easel lamp on to see the key.
  • There’s a Switch box in Corridor behind boxes (near the entrance to Maya’s apartment); use the key to open it. Congratulations! Nod got his second skill – Axis vision. Just like with Ollie’s hints, click on its icon to use it. Or you might find it more convenient to toggle it with “S” key. Either way, remember that keeping Axis vision on all the time will drain its internal battery, which will result in game over.
  • OK, it won’t, but please don’t do it anyway, or the whole of Royce will be blue to you (or pink, depending on how often you talk to Ollie).
  • Using Axis vision, re-route power from lights to Axis generator. Axis current always flows from positive (+) to negative (-); turn on your Axis vision to see markings on nodes. Here’s one of several possible solutions for routing power to generator:

  • You can now use Axis generator nearby to charge your PAC. Do it, then return to Hovercar and use charged PAC on the onboard battery socket. Time to start the car by pressing engine start button on steering wheel.

  • Too soon… It appears that the car is low on fuel. Return to Switch box and use your Axis vision again to re-route power to Axis pump on Maya’s Balcony. This time, there’s only one solution:

  • Return to Balcony and start fueling the car with Axis pump. Bam! Or “Bang!”, maybe? Go to Corridor to see what happened.
  • Nothing to do here… Go back to Hovercar and drive it by using steering wheel.
  • Leave the car and head to the next apartment, ominously called Purgatory.

Congratulations! Strange woman should now let you know that you have completed Minotaur 0.2 demo. Thank you for playing, we hope that we managed to tempt you into buying joining our Early Access. We would also love to hear your feedback on any online platform Minotaur is represented at, or by e-mail, or on our dedicated Trello feedback board.

If you’re supporting Minotaur already [♡♡♡], let’s move on to next chapter!

Chapter 3: Ghost
  • The apartment is… unusual, but there’s not much to do here yet, except to look around. After you’re done, head to Cargo elevator.
  • Looks like the only way is up… But without the elevator. Nod needs to find a way to remove huge crate blocking access to Elevator shaft.
  • Let’s start by checking out crane Control panel on the left. To turn it on, power panel up by turning rusty lever in top left corner, then press top left button, which activates panel’s touchscreen.

  • This touchscreen can be used to move crane to one of four possible positions, while three buttons on the right below it allow you to (top to bottom) lower, raise or engage the crane. Since the crane is electromagnetic, Nod can’t use it to remove wooden crate blocking the way, but he can move some other stuff around. Try relocating metal box next to him to the back of the elevator.
  • A rope is revealed; it’s instrumental for what you’re going to do next, so return to Cargo elevator to pick it up.
  • Go back to Control panel; this time, use the crane to move Ghost to position in front of huge crate. Your screen should now look somewhat like this:

  • And you were only in it for the story… But don’t worry, we’re almost done. Return to Cargo elevator again, and use the rope on Ghost to tie it to huge crate.
  • Return to Control panel one last time to raise Ghost with huge crate tied to it… Not quite what Nod expected, but it still works out. You can now make your way to Elevator shaft.
  • Unsurprisingly, shaft door to next floor is locked, but once Nod examines small key hole to the left of the door, he will realize it’s possible to open it from the inside with a so-called drop key. Of course, the key isn’t just lying around, so Nod will need to find a suitable replacement.

  • Well, that’s what this walkthrough is for. Head back to Purgatory (the worn-down room in which this chapter started), and check out Flowers on the table. Just the kind of thing we’re looking for… But getting one out could be hard. Nod’s inherent laziness prevents him from at least trying , so convince him by turning on Axis vision and selecting fragile flower.

  • After performing act of vandalism, return to Elevator shaft and use broken flower on drop key hole. The way is now open, and Nod is in good enough shape to do at least one pull-up (or maybe that’s just his right hand). From Penthouse corridor, proceed to Hoptons’ penthouse and watch another cutscene.
Chapter 4: Thea
  • Nod begins his second breaking and entering from Storage room. In there, pick up a crowbar (of course…) on your right. You’re going to need it.
  • Proceed to Penthouse hall, then to Guest bathroom.
  • Whatever plans Nod had for this room are ruined now. Examine shower to talk to whoever’s in there.
  • Turns out it’s Thea… And she’s in danger. Helping her is entirely optional, and won’t be covered in this walkthrough. However, regardless of what you decide to do, you still need to find your way out of penthouse. Start by grabbing a key card from the drawer to the left of the shower.

  • Return to Penthouse hall and use key card to open window to Catwalk on the right. Climb out and move forwards until you reach Utility room.
  • Getting inside isn’t easy, but lucky for Nod, you’ve got a crowbar. You can use it to smash the window.
  • Once inside, use ladder on the right to leave anytime. You can even do it without trying to help Thea and continue roaming Royce apartments in search of your heart.
  • After leaving penthouse, Nod discovers he’s just a few steps away from Hatch of much-coveted passenger elevator. Those are dangerous steps, though: make sure to guide Nod carefully, so that he doesn’t fall to his death… ha-ha, just kidding. It’s impossible.
  • Raise handle and pull it up to open the hatch. See? Not all doors are locked. Jump down into Elevator hole.

  • Nod finally reaches passenger elevator… Press first floor button and enjoy the ride! This scene was a real pain to make, you know, so you don’t get to fast-skip it anyway.
Chapter 5: Bygone

Just like helping Thea, fighting Bygone is not necessary. Instead, you can just accept Ollie’s unusually generous offer by using her interface gate to call her.

If you do decide to engage, though, here’s some advice:

  • Assembling your weapon shouldn’t be hard: Ollie will guide you through the process when you exit to Elevator hall. Just grab some stones, wire (make sure that no Axis is running through it by using your Axis vision first) and handle and engage your bulky opponent.
  • Nod starts at a disadvantage, but can improve his chance to hit considerably by reducing mobility of _03.
  • Don’t forget that you can still use your skills, even during battle. However, be mindful of damage that _03 might cause.
  • Your other way to gain the upper hand is to bring down Bygone’s chance to hit, but remember that each attempt comes at a cost of your turn. Balance is the key.
  • Don’t get distracted — those who’re not focused on battle get punished.
  • If worst comes to worst, remember that Nod only learned the world “olfactory” this evening.
  • There will be opportunities to reconsider and ask Ollie for help should you feel like your foe is too formidable (or that this battle is balanced too poorly).

Regardless of which option you chose, it’s time to head for the exit.

  • Move through Atrium to Lobby and use Royce exit to get out.
  • Navigate the streets of Second Rim district to make your way to Nova Corps station. You can talk to Nova citizens and visitors on your way to receive a bunch of fetch quests from them.
  • Alright, alright… Use the stairs on you left to descent into Bowels, then continue to Maintenance tunnel.
  • Can’t really blame Nod for not wanting to get cooked, so let’s try and find a way to make this tunnel passable. Start by trying to close gate valve on your right (be quick — Nod’s vision will become clouded in a few seconds, and you’ll have to leave the tunnel and return for him to be able to see clearly again); unfortunately, even Nod’s synthetic arm can’t do the job. It’s really been kind of useless so far, hasn’t it?
  • Return to Bowels and use relief valve directly in front of you to bleed off pressure from the pipes.

  • Go back to Maintenance tunnel again and turn the gate valve, this time shutting off steam for good.
  • The passage is now safe, so proceed to Concierge’s room to watch another cutscene.

Congratulations! You have completed 0.4 demo. Thank you for playing! We hope you like what you’ve seen so far, and we’re looking forward to your feedback on our dedicated Trello board (or wherever works for you). In the meantime, we’ll do our best to complete Nod’s route, which is nearing one of it’s many resolutions, and bring you Early Access release as soon as possible ; )

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