Type: Internal, SG-3
To: Her Grace Aria Nova
From: Mio Radd, First aide
Title: A dossier of testaments and opinions, given by witnesses and concerned on destruction of Dome City of Soma and subsequent attack of Daal, Who Serves Willmaker, as presented to Her Grace Aria Nova on the day of the event.
Date: 523 AW, 12 of Sarin
Your Grace, it seems that we need to update our maps of Kyos: Soma is gone, and so is most of its railway. A search party hastily formed from garrison stationed at Gambler's Fallacy is already on its way, but it will be some time before we start getting news, and I believe that attack on a train is more pressing concern. I gleaned whatever information I could find that might prove useful. But first, a letter from our good neighbor.
Magister Boldan: My dearest Aria, you blamed me so tirelessly for upsetting delicate balance of our guilt-ridden land, for playing with fire and turning blind eye to inescapably dire consequences of my actions, so I can't help by notice that instead of wasting your precious efforts on me YOU SHOULD HAVE LOOKED TO THE NORTH, darling, where Somas dabbled in their infancy trying to make friends with animals born and bred in the wild. Wasn't Soma full of your cats like any other dome (mine included, I'm afraid)? Were they all blind, in Hades' name? It's a shame that my malicious joy is tarnished by the fact that plates are not spinning as fast as they used to... and that we'll probably see each other soon.

Left: Your Grace, you asked about your new trinkets... as you can see, they blend in nicely.

Above: last train from Soma | Right: Daal, Who Serves Willmaker

Emma Helmer, Caretaker: Aria, your granddaughter has yet again proven her evil tendencies. Who better than her to deliver priceless account retrieved from The Library to her own grandmother? I bet convincing that scholar who came all the way from Artas wasn't hard; after all, it's impossible to say no to a little angel, especially if she has sept ID plastered all over. Anyway, Glory vandalized the manuscript and I retrieved it as it was. Behold Daal — doesn't look so scary to me.
When the train was breached, everyone became disoriented. Since this was a train from Soma, very few had fluxes on them, so thank Syl the reality remained objective. Still, I believe that we've lost more passengers to confusion than to Daal — his attacks were devastating, but based on what we got from Keats he was clearly looking for Elara, ripping off rooftops from carts like chest plates from andoids, but barely interested in their contents. We counted 62 passengers upon arrival; some are being treated at station hosital, but their lives are not in danger. 27 are presumed dead.
Bartholomew Keats, Blitz PSF: It's not my first day out there... Although I was technically on leave, I knew who was in the back — news travels fast in confined spaces. And I know it when Demon wants something specific, so that thing wasn't just waving its tail around. I put two and two together and quickly decided to lend it a hand. No, I don't "harbour animosity" towards espers — or anyone else in particular, for that matter — but I'm not happy about having my innards scattered all over the west either. Only one choice for a reasonable man.

Elara Quinn

We have no reason to doubt this man. Despite being a citizen of Ares, he voluntarily agreed to raw data extraction. We were of course tempted to scan everything, but Mr. Keats is an abuser, and besides, Blitz takes good care of their own — there are even rumors of Jacob working with them. Thankfully, we got what we need to confirm his account; I had Felicity running all over the city, but it appears that Quinn went down in Penance.


We think: what a fitting name we chose for this sacrificial rite! But aren't we just mocking ourselves? Esper dies taking his creature along (we still can't tell whether Penance affects other Demons; I'd wager the last lot of my modest payroll [laughter in the audience] there are no witnesses in this hall), and we say, satisfied with good riddance: there! an atonement at last. In truth, we're like children whose parents got a splinter after having punished us for reasons we don't understand; we gloat over their misfortune, convinced that justice established itself and they paid for their sins. – Korelia Vine, High Mentor, at annual Megaversity symposium in 358 AW

Above: last shot from one of patrol drones in Devil's Shoulders | Right: streets of Nova

Felicity 12, Samuel Nova's entourage: Your Grace, I have completed my assignment; it's safe to say that Elara Quinn is not in Nova. I do, however, have something else to report. First, when during my search I visited TFX offices to obtain new hunters, I was approached by one of their representatives. He claimed they had an emitter on the train and asked me whether we've had any luck locating it inside the city. He was sure the device is still operational, which means they must be tracking its Blue Box, wherever it may be. Second, I believe that I have witnessed unauthorized airship Outside, which city registrars have missed. It resembles our Stormriders, but I had no exact match.
The airship Felicity saw was Pegassus, by Syl's mercy. And we've got no official word on missing emitter — must have been a slip of the tongue... or a poorly planned leak. I will continue looking into these matters; expect another report tomorrow at Hades' first sunrise.
And Aria... I probably don't need to tell you that, but you should start wearing more of those trinkets. They look good on you.