Visualizing Mira

Most of Red Crown happens in Mira DC, and I wanted descriptions of the city to be thorough and consistent. Adam made it possible by detailing his original concept of Mira; he planned and visualized infrastructure and layout. It’s a work in progress, but we decided it’d be fun to share it.

Let’s build things up:

  • Heart

  • +Pillars

  • +Dome

View from the top with designated points of interest (click for lightbox):

And from the side:

City rail doesn’t just transport people.


Each city struggles to maximize utility of every square league. Mirian City Rail carries its cargo in an unusual way.


Zones are divided into quadrants, and then further into segments.


Linkway branches.

Whether you’re moving towards Zone 3 or circling the city by MCR or Linkway (or even on foot), you’re going to pass the hunters.

We keep mentioning Linkway; here it is.

This place is nice… Hope to see you here soon.

Nick Green