30% and counting

We actually promised ourselves not to spam you with updates about our Kickstarter campaign, but 30% seemed like such a significant number… and we cracked.

By the time we posted this article, it was actually 34% already!

If you backed us or helped us spread the word about campaign (or both!), you’re extraordinary awesome. Now that you have our back, we feel like taking on the world (steadily).

We also learned that everyone who’s doing a Kickstarter campaign (especially the one that’s going somewhere) is going to receive A LOT of spam. Seriously though, it’s just ridiculous.

One more thing… We’re very excited about physical rewards (t-shirts, posters cards and art books). We poured our heart and soul into designing them, so we can’t wait to start producing and sending them out to make people who ordered them as happy as we are.

And that’s that… Despite what we said about spam, we’ll hopefully make ANOTHER update at 60% soon. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can support Minotaur and help us make it happen!


PS: have you played the demo yet?

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