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Red Crown: first chapter published!

Red Crown is an illustrated sci-fi novel. It’s a prequel to Minotaur game and will be distributed along with it; before Minotaur is released, we will publish several chapters online.

World of U7, part 1: introduction

In this series of posts, we’ll tell you about the world of the Universe of Seven in greater detail.

Uber Unter

He’s so cool it should be illegal. His words.

Visualizing Mira

Most of Red Crown happens in Mira DC, and I wanted descriptions of the city to be thorough and consistent. Adam made it possible by detailing his original concept of Mira; he planned and visualized infrastructure and layout. It’s a work in progress, but we decided it’d be fun to share it. Let’s build things […]

On classes and jobs

When we started working on Minotaur, it quickly became clear that combat-oriented classes aren’t enough.