Bet you were expecting to see a live blog, huh? Sorry for misleading you… Old articles are still here, but we moved to other platforms for publishing latest news. For example, you definitely won’t miss any if you check them out on our Steam store page!

Big Update #2: website

We’ve improved (hopefully) website structure and usability, and added some stuff here and there. But most importantly, we introduced a multilingual solution. We have already translated most of website into Russian, and hope to add new languages with time. That’s something you can help us with, by the way. Let us know if you want […]

Big Update #1: Minotaur

We’ve published a Minotaur page, which contains a lot of information about upcoming sci-fi visual novel/adventure game with 2,5D graphics. There are screenshots, videos and even interactive quest which lets you get the feel of the game. Check out the teaser trailer: There’s also a dedicated wallpapers page. We plan to release for PC/Mac and […]

Big Ideas

*** Announcement in progress ***