Minotaur demo for PC now available!

Join over 1K other players and download demo from:

Right here | Game Jolt | IndieDB

It’s only available for 32/64-bit Windows at the moment, but we promise to upload Mac version soon. Installation is very simple: just unpack RAR archive (which includes recovery record, just in case) and run Minotaur.exe.

This demo is literally chapter 1 of the game. Your first character, Nod, wakes up in his room and finds himself in great hurry to leave it.

Of course, Ollie is there to “help” him…

…but he’s probably better off relying on you.

Nod and his personal AI assistant, Ollie

This demo isn’t very long, but it has a beginning and an end, and it gives a good idea about how Minotaur looks and plays like.

There’s also some extra stuff waiting to be found…

And we included our new music player (simple, but fancy), as well as three OST tracks, one of which requires to be unlocked.

We’ll be adding new gameplay mechanics and updating demo as we go, so if you liked it already, stay with us for more. Either way, we hope you will share your thoughts and experience with us: we would very much appreciate your feedback, which helps us make Minotaur better.

And a couple more things: if you’re feeling stuck, check out our spoiler-free walkthrough.

And if you’re feeling lazy, you can see how others play it:-) Here’s a great let’s play by FellowPlayer:

And there are others available on Game Jolt, too.

Hoping to see you in Royce apartments soon,

Minotaur dev team