Minotaur has been Greenlit… And featured by Game Jolt!

Greenlight might be going away soon, but it was still there when we submitted Minotaur to it about a week ago. And what do you know – in just a week, after getting a tremendous amount of support from Steam community, we got an e-mail from Steam saying that this part of the job is done, and offering us to start digital paperwork.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who supported Minotaur on Steam (and anywhere else, of course), and to commemorate this achievement, we made this sketch of a rider ready to catch green wave with his Ghost cyberbike somewhere on the streets of Nova DC:

The way is clear

Another good thing happened on the very same day: Minotaur has been featured by Game Jolt! The timing of this couldn’t be better (hundreds of people learn about Minotaur every day now), so we prepared a GJ-themed sketch, too:

That’s not Axis, of course

We’re also going steady on Kickstarter (almost at 40% now), but we still need your help! So check us out there if you haven’t already!

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