New Minotaur character, Ollie, and her amazing powers of assistance

Lovely Ollie will be your personal AI assistant throughout Minotaur, and her persona is a cybermaid. She’s obedient and borderline rude at the same time. How does she do that?

At first, we were very tempted to put Ollie in classic maid dress, but finally managed not to forget “cyber-” in cybermaid.

First sketches of Ollie (click for lightbox).

She can do a whole lot of stuff if you ask her nicely.

First of Ollie (you see what we did there?), she can help you with the map. Given how Minotaur is not a linear game, and that layout of Royce apartments changes over time as story progresses, it’s a BIG help.

Depending on difficulty level you play at, Ollie shows you where you are, what’s your next objective and what (or whom) to watch out for. She also takes some notes to help you find your way around.

If you’re feeling stuck and want her to help her out, she will give you a hint. She will mock you first… that’s just in her character (not ours).

Regardless of whether you ask her or don’t, Ollie also provides occasional emotional support.

He doesn’t.

Finally, Ollie will help you with some of more action-oriented minigames. For example, she’s a really good shot!

She doesn’t just appear anywhere, though. At first, we did want to make Ollie available to you 24/7 (or 20/8, as it is in Minotaur universe). But what’s the fun in that? (And it was much more difficult.)

First 3D concepts of Ollie and her signature holo FX.

We decided that playable characters can only talk to Ollie at certain locations, where her interface is installed. Sometimes they’re in the open, and sometimes finding them takes patience and wit.

Well, we love Ollie, but it’s time to wrap this up. Let’s conclude with this: despite the fact that she’s not a playable character, she’s one of our favorites. She mostly plays supportive role, but over the course of Minotaur you’ll discover that she also has her say in how the story unfolds.

See, that’s typical Ollie. She only says that because she wants you to check us out on social networks… so here’s our IndieDB, Facebook and YouTube, and make sure to check out a couple of cool double-exposure Ollie wallpapers here.


Minotaur dev team